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What you can expect from one of our members

They work from a researched panel of funds or bespoke investment direct through our various product providers, along side using multiple regulation strategy offering clients the upmost protection. Depending on your jurisdiction we will assess which regulations are best suited to you and provide all relevant information in a clear and transparent fashion.

Each client has individual needs and requirements and our members deliver solutions to help achieve your goals. They have access to a multitude of product providers which helps in our search for suitable client investments and other financial planning solutions, enabling for an individually built strategy to help build your wealth successfully.

Our members offer dedication and loyalty to our clients. In the endeavour to keep clients fully informed on their chosen strategy frequent reviews take place and highlight new possibilities in the changing market.

Initial Discussions (conducted at our expense)

In initial discussions with you our members will explore your natural assets, your current financial status, including salary and pension, and your financial aspirations. They may ask to obtain your authority to talk to your current providers if applicable and to research the market for you, offering possible alternatives, indicating growth and potential risk.  If you decide to engage the services on offer a detailed breakdown of all fees will be disclosed.

Members will compare our proposal with your current situation and discuss it with you before agreeing the way forward. Our members advice extends seamlessly from personal finances to protecting and planning for your business interests. 

We independently monitor the members and a wide rang of providers, knowing the proposals are the best fit taking into account your situation. Once the member has constructed the advice it will be discussed with you at length to ensure you completely understand the opportunities offered and the commitment to you. 

Once accepted by you our members will provide regular reviews, at least annually and more frequently if required depending on the level of on-going service you require. At this stage they will take the opportunity to go over the initial discussions with you and the decisions you made for the initial portfolio, making any necessary changes to ensure your risks are kept to a minimum.

With the ever changing face of the financial market we have to be at the top of our industry to offer consistently high standards to our clients.

Our links with other professionals

We work alongside other professional advisers, like accountants and solicitors, to offer a discrete complementary service.

How we improve our services

During the initial discussions we would ask you to provide the member with all the information they require, which will help them to plan your financial goals and objectives. We are trying to achieve a genuine partnership, this is vital in helping us deliver to a standard set out by the UK FCA's six consumer outcomes relating to Treating Customers Fairly and Europe’s MiFID II requirements even when dealing with you outside of these locations. We would expect you to provide them with all the information requested, inform of any changes to your circumstances, agree the way forward and communicate with when requested. After the initial discussion a Client Agreement should be signed setting out the service and practises of the company as you wish to proceed with us.